Thursday, February 7, 2008

Learning Open Guard... from a Kitten!

This video is not just a cute video posted for a laugh. Shaolin monks developed an entire system of fighting based on the way animals fight. This one-minute fight between a bunny and a kitten can also teach us something.

If you're down on the ground and defending against a standing attacker, defensively you're much better off trying to keep your feet pointed at your attacker keeping your head pointed away from them. The kitten utilizes this tactic.

The kitten also has a fairly strong open guard. It keeps its legs out and alive, shifting and adapting to the bunny's movements, presenting a big challenge for the bunny to get around it.

When the bunny does manage to get around to the kitten's head, the kitten takes control of its head. As I always say, if you control the head, you control the body. The kitten even manages to get to its feet while controlling the rabbit's head, effectively taking a Muay Thai clinch.

As far as fighting style goes, I think the kitten is clearly of a proponent of the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu approach to fighting. This is to say the kitten actively takes the fight to the ground, where it expects to dominate the fight.

Good thing the bunny wasn't wearing steel-toed boots... :P.

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Alaina said...

The kitten did a great job of breaking the bunny's posture, but it didn't work for underhooks. Back to the mats with you, kitty!