Thursday, February 21, 2008

Defending Yourself When Your Hands are Tied

Having learned a few funky moves from the Shorinjikan guys over the past couple of weeks, last night I was feeling experimental and decided to do a class entirely devoted to defending yourself when your hands are tied up.

The above video shows a few of the defensive techniques I taught as well as rolling breakfalls with your hands bound. I also included some of the highlights from our hands bound Jiu-jitsu circle.

Being able to defend yourself with your hands tied is not exactly what I would call a "required self-defense skill", but it's good to throw obscure limitations like that at yourself to really challenge your technique and your ability to adapt. I only showed my students a few simple strikes and throws, but they really impressed me with their ability to improvise defensive manoeuvres against random attacks in the circle.

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Wayne said...

I think this is a great idea and have done similar drills with handcuffs. You never know what limitations you are going to have in a life or death situation and training resourcefulness like this could one day save your life.