Monday, February 25, 2008

Judo/ Jiu-jitsu on "The Human Weapon"

I’ve been enjoying watching the TV series, “The Human Weapon.” The basic gist is that two Americans with a martial arts background, one is a smaller, sprier fellow who is an ex-pro MMA fighter, the other an ex-pro football player and wrestler, go to different countries learning martial arts styles. Then at the end of each episode, one of them takes on someone who is considered to be one of the top fighters of the style.

At first, the very forced narrative of the series bugged me, but once I got over it, it was interesting to watch these two guys take on some of the world’s top fighters.

The clip featured here is one of my favourite episodes. They discuss Judo as well as its ancestral art, Jiu-jitsu. And the Judo master the American fights puts on an amazing display of skill. I especially loved the Tai Otoshi (body drop throw) toward the end. It goes to show that 20 years of devoted training counts for something.


Norman said...

nice site (:
where's your club?

Lori O'Connell said...

Thanks! My club is in Richmond, a suburb of Vancouver.