Friday, February 15, 2008

Funky Shorinjikan Jiu-jitsu Breakfalls

After having started to get the hang of some of Shorinjikan breakfalls, last night they showed me a few more funky ones, including the ones in the above video.

I was able to do the second one, having done it before long ago, but nowhere near as well as this guy did it. He gets some serious air time. The behind the back belt grab breakfall I was able to do on my right side fine. My left side was another story. You're really not supposed to let go of the belt under while attempting this breakfall. Holding the belt is what saves you if you screw up. But somehow I was going over in a weird way and I accidentally let go, slamming myself face down into the mat. Other than a bruised knee and pride, I was okay.

It may seem weird that this style of Jiu-jitsu has so many varieties of breakfalls, but one of the Senseis explained to me that when you mess with your head and change up your breakfalls in so many different ways, you're better able to adapt to any situation that results in your being thrown to the ground.

I'm convinced that the man who said this could be flipped from a moving truck and come out of it unscathed. Wait a minute, I think that might be a breakfall they're gonna introduce to me at their Sunday "psycho" training session coming up this weekend. :P

Now I know a few of my students may be reading this blog. You guys up for trying a few of these new breakfalls out?

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