Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Running is Better than No Running

Yesterday, I bought an expensive new pair of running shoes. My MMA coach had told me that I would need to add running to my regular workout pattern and that he would eventually want me to run with a wearing a weight vest. This thought didn't thrill me (I can't stand running), but I listen to my coach.

When I showed up for training and told him about my groin pull he had a look at my range of motion then shook his head, telling me I would need to take it easy on my lower body for the next couple of weeks. He said running would be too much impact so it would have to wait.

I hate "taking it easy" when I'm trying to accomplish something so I asked my student who is a doctor what I can do safely. She said I can start with biking and swimming and perhaps some careful squats. She is of the modern opinion that gentle exercise that doesn't strain the injured area helps with recovery by increasing blood flow to the area. She also told me that it wasn't actually my groin that was pulled, that it was my hip flexor. Whatever. Either way, I have to hold back. No grappling, throwing or kicking for a couple of weeks. Blech.

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henry said...

Agree!! Running is most important for a healthy and fit body. I used to run daily in the morning. I have 2 pairs of New Balance running shoes.