Monday, May 19, 2008

Over a Year of Stubborn Perseverance Pays Off

Today, I was very impressed with one of my students. I had noticed over the past couple of months that this student had really come into her own since earning her orange belt. She has a new confidence that exudes from every technique she performs. But today she went even further.

We were working on a variety of wristlock takedowns that were all new to her. And every one I showed her seemed to be magically clicking for her. She was eating them up and was eager for more. In fact, she was finding the newer, more technical takedowns easier than ones she was more familiar with that utilized movements that are typically easier to learn.

It's really not magic at all. She has endured over a year of training, a year of me being picky about her technique, a year of taking shots and doling out a few of her own, a year of stubborn perseverance in learning the wonderful art of Jiu-jitsu. And now it's starting to come together.

Now that this student has this foundation of technique and confidence, new things will take less time to learn and come to her more naturally. If she keeps riding the wave, her learning will accelerate at a rate that may surprise her. As a teacher, this is an accomplishment that gives me true satisfaction. It means that the student is starting to see what I love so much about the martial arts. I couldn't be more pleased.

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