Monday, March 31, 2008

Let Us Not Forget Our Roots

Yesterday I participated in the Jiu-jitsu BC Society's quarterly technical seminar, led by Shihan Michael Seamark from Sadhana Dojo in Vancouver and Sensei Ari Bolden from the Victoria Jiu-jitsu Academy.

Shihan Michael Seamark focused on techniques using the concept of "maki-komi" (i.e. rolling limbs to increase joint lock effectiveness). He demonstrated this at first in more traditional standing defenses, but then also showed how this can be applied in a submission grappling context. The video clip below shows him applying this concept to an Americana lock.

Sensei Ari Bolden focused primarily on submission grappling at this particular seminar, but he always takes care to point out that a great many of the techniques used in modern MMA have roots in traditional Jiu-jitsu and that includes many of the locks popularized by Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. In the video clip below, Ari Sensei provides additional pointers on tightening up the Americana. You can see more instructional videos featuring Sensei Ari Bolden at his video tutorial website Submissions 101.

I thoroughly enjoyed this seminar as it demonstrated the diversity of traditional Jiu-jitsu. The technical principles refined over centuries by Jiu-jitsu masters are extremely relevant in modern society, whether it's for self-defense or for competition.

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