Tuesday, March 25, 2008

30-Second Blitz Conditioning

My coach gave me quite a work-out last night. After warming up, he had me and my training partner Gina doing 30-second blitz training.

As far as conditioning goes, this is one of the training styles I quite enjoy. Basically, we cycle between a variety of strength and cardio training exercises, doing them each for 30 seconds with only a 10 second break in between each exercise. We did this for each of the following:

Squats, leg lunges, double foot jumps up and down the ring, push-ups (2 sets), skipping, cone jumping, medicine ball tossing (with a sprawl in between tosses), mountain climbers.

This kind of training really gets your heart going, but what I like best about it is I never get bored since we don't do any one exercise for very long.

Once we were done this, my coach had us do three 2-minute sets of suicides, alternating three 2-minute sets of jumping over a heavy bag on the floor and sprawling. Once we were done this, Gina and I were made to do two 5-minute rounds of pummeling drills. Then when we were nicely tired out from all these exercises, our coach sparred us, alternating between us, 2-three minute rounds with me and two with Gina.

It's good for us to be tired out like this before sparring with him. It trains us to be good at fighting when we're gassed. Though by the end of it all, I had little energy left for my own Jiu-jitsu class that I had to teach that night. As a result, I decided to make my students go through a slightly easier version of my MMA training session that night. Needless to say, they really felt the burn that night.

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