Monday, April 13, 2009

Considering Adding Daytime Classes to Schedule

We are currently considering the idea of adding 2 daytime classes to our dojo's class schedule. The idea is that it would appeal to shift workers who often work evenings, students with variable schedules, and possibly people who work in the area who can take off lunch to do some training.

If we go ahead with it, the classes would run on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with a time schedule of around 12:00-1:15pm mark, with the option to come in 15 minutes before class or stay 15 minutes after class for extra training.

I'm curious how many of you out there do daytime training. If so, is it something you do over your work's lunch break or is it because you're a shift worker and free time during the day? Or if your dojo doesn't offer daytime classes, do you wish that they did?


Elias said...

I was looking into cross training in Jiu Jitsu a while ago, but with my evening schedule already full, this wasn't possible. I'd totally go for a morning/noon class, if it were available, unfortunately it's not :(

Also, I'm a student, in case that helps in some way...

Also I'm free on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Unfortunately I'm also on the other side of the globe :|

Tim said...

If my dojo was convenient to get to at lunchtime (and had a shower) I'd definitely be there. I'd prefer that to going to the gym any day.

Anonymous said...

My main problem in regard to the martial-arts right now is that I have too little time to actually practice: I’m a student and since our faculty has an evening-program too (for people who already have another degree, people working during the day…) most classes are in the evening and since I cannot split myself in two (an alter-ego would be so helpful here: dr. Jeckyll for classes, Mr. Hyde for training) the only two evenings I’m actually free during the week are monday and friday.

Friday is jj-training, on monday I either have dinner with my father and my brothers or I’m training one-on-one with sensei. Daytime-training would be very convenient for me (for alot of students too I’d presume) but unfortunately that is very, very rare (especially around here). The gym where our dojo is located does offer an open mat during the weekend (only on saturday though) but since I’m not really enrolled in their program it wouldn’t be very appropriate for me to train there on my own, at least not without sensei who is a regular student at the gym. Since I’m planning on taking the Shodan-test in the near future I really should put in extra training-hours but where would I find the time? So much to do, so little time…

Of course I don’t know what the demographics of your area are but since it’ll be quite unique to offer daytime classes (at least if the situation in Canada is anywhere near that of Belgium) I’d give it a shot and see if you get results or not. Couldn’t hurt to try. Good luck!


Hannah said...

If my dojo was close by, I might train on my lunch break if it wasn't too busy at work. Some nights, I feel too tired to train, so it could be a nice alternative.