Saturday, April 18, 2009

Busy Jiu-jitsu Weekend

This weekend is going to be a busy one for me. Today we're holding a women's self-defense class, which will be followed by a yellow belt test for 3 of my students. Tomorrow, I'm teaching a private lesson for two people, after which we'll be rushing off to the Shorinji Kan dojo where I'll be testing for orange belt. After that grading, there will be a 2-hour seminar with Andie Dobie Sensei (the head of the Shorinji Kan style in Canada) and other higher ups. Then the seminar will be followed with an evening at the pub at which I'll be expected to do 2 shots, one for each colour of belt which I'm testing for, should I pass the grading.

So lots going on and no time to do a very detailed blog post. I will do a write-up of my impressions from my orange belt grading after the weekend though. Wish me luck!

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Elias said...

Wow, solid work. I just got back from a Krav Maga seminar this afternoon and I pretty much collapsed when I got home, but your effort is more impressive than that!!