Thursday, January 8, 2009

Young Boy Saves Girl from Dog Attack Using BJJ

This morning someone sent me a TV report on YouTube about a heroic 9-year-old boy who saved a little girl and her chihuahua from a vicious pit bull. The technique he use: the rear naked choke. Check out the report:

This boy had only trained in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu for 2 months yet he courageously stepped in to do what he could to help another. I couldn't help but be impressed. His trainer says that he encourages students to do what they're capable of doing without getting hurt to help others in trouble. I feel the same way.

In the past I have in a situation whereby I stepped in at my own risk to help someone who was being attacked. I didn't really think about what I was doing, I was simply overwhelmed by the instinct to help. That being said, there are times when the potential cost should give a person pause before helping.

A few years back a Vancouver woman tried to intervene to help a man who was being beaten by two other men. She was shot and killed for her efforts. If my memory serves me right, it turned out that all 3 men, both victim and attackers, were gang members.

There is no way to know what the potential costs of each and every heroic act. But if you're going to get involved, try to be aware as possible of all the circumstances and related risks. In many cases, the best thing you can do to help is call the police.


Daniel Prager said...

Great story and wise commentary.

Isn't interesting how anyone who "steps in" is referred to as a hero? Imagine a society in which most people had the training and altruism of this boy.

Anonymous said...

Well done to him. I also liked how his instructor seemed to be humble about it. I would have been really easy to brag about his system of training after this but he didnt. good post!

Lori O'Connell said...
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Lori O'Connell said...

That impressed me too. It was nice to see.

Elias said...

When I heard about this on the radio it made my day. It was very impressive.