Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cross-training in Shorinji Kan Jiu-jitsu

Having Chris as an instructor at my dojo has brought a lot of cross-training opportunities in his other style of Jiu-jitsu, Shorinji Kan. I've enjoyed it thoroughly and have incorporated much of what I've learned into my repertoire. But part of me wants more. That's why I've decided to take up the regular study of this style in my weekly training regimen.

I've decided to train at the BCIT Shorinji Kan dojo once a week, in addition to using open mat time to get additional practice in this style. It's nice because I now not only have Chris training at my dojo (who is a brown belt in the style). Kevin, the instructor at the BCIT dojo has taken up weekly training at my club to help him ramp up for his 1st Dan grading. Also, Chris's former instructor from Ottawa, Jon Jamnik (a Nidan), is also moving to Vancouver this weekend with the intention of training with us too. So with all these great opportunities to learn, it only makes sense to make use of them.

I had the opportunity to meet Andy Dobie Sensei, the head of their style in Canada, who came and trained with us just before Christmas. He even made some complementary remarks in a recent Jitsu Canada newsletter about the day he trained with us.

By becoming a student of Shorinji Kan, I will also get the opportunity to go to the upcoming International Shorinji Kan conference in Spartanburg this August. This will be a great opportunity to meet Jiu-jitsu practitioners from all over the world. It looks like it'll be a great event, so I'm planning to go.

Overall, I'm very much looking forward to putting on my white belt again and learning a style from the ground up. It's very different than just learning a few things here and there. Actually committing to learning everything in a style, practicing it regularly, and getting belted in it, well, it's a process I've come to love.

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