Thursday, September 1, 2011

Enter the Dojo: An Introduction to Ameri-Do-Te

I recently happened upon a commercial video for a dojo down in New Mexico, teaching the style of Ameri-Do-Te. Here is that video:

If you haven't guessed already, this is spoof. Actually, it's a trailer for a spoof video series, a mockumentary if you will, about Master Ken and what he teaches in his "perfect" martial art, Ameri-Do-Te, a made-up style that takes self-defense/combat concepts to ridiculous extremes. Watch episodes 1 and 2 below to see what I mean:

I quite enjoyed the humour of these videos being an instructor of a self-defense oriented martial arts style. I've even had a few requests for "groin grab sparring" from students in jest. That being said, I noticed in the YouTube comments that a number of people thought this was a real martial arts school, criticizing its operations. What a sad state of affairs that there are enough McDojos out there that people could think that this spoof is for real! Ah, well. It is what it is. You just have to find the humour in these things. I hope you find these videos as entertaining as I did! If you want to watch another full-feature martial arts mockumentary, check out The Foot Fist Way.


Anonymous said...

We weren't jesting when we requested groin grabbing sparring!

Anonymous said...

That was pretty hilarious: 'every style has its weaknesses, except for ours'. The best was undoubtely: 'it's not the size of the groin that matters, it's the size of the hand that grabs it'. Very deep and slightly disturbing piece of martial arts wisdom (lol). I actually think such a dojo could be a succes when it caters specifically to the SM-crowd. An idea for a new range of classes, Lori?


Michael said...

That is one of the most awesome things I have seen. Imma quit my current dojo and move to New Mexico (over a thousand miles away) to study under Master Ken.

Of course, if you could provide evidence that your groin sparring techniques are superior I could be convinced to make a pilgrimage elsewhere.