Friday, August 21, 2009

See You In Spartanburg at the Shorinji Kan Internationals

As I write this, I am eagerly anticipating my upcoming trip to the Shorinji Kan Jiu-jitsu International conference in Spartanburg. I see this as a great opportunity to meet other Jiu-jitsu instructors from around the world and have a good bit of fun too. I know I have a number of Shorinji Kan practitioners who read my blog. If you're going to the event, send me a message so I know to look out for you. I am excited to meet my readers from around the globe in person. I'll be the one wearing the gi with the "West Coast Jiu-jitsu" patch on my left chest and the Jiu-jitsu BC patch on my right shoulder (looks a little like the Canadian flag). Oh and if anyone is interested in buying a copy of my book, 'Weapons of Opportunity' let me know and I'll bring an extra copy for you. I'll offer it to people at the conference for a discounted price of $15 US.

I look forward to seeing you on the mats!

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