Friday, April 4, 2008

MMA Gloves for Sparring

When students are first introduced to sparring, we have them use 16-oz boxing gloves. These gloves are more protective and, because they're bigger, punches are easier see coming plus there is more surface area with which to block. As students get better, however, they are introduced to 6-oz MMA gloves.

Because they're smaller, MMA gloves create more defensive challenges. When blows land, they tend to hurt more because there's less padding. Because striking to the head and face is allowed in my dojo, mouth guards are always worn no matter what kind of gloves the student is wearing. They help prevent mouth injuries, but more importantly, they reduce the shock to the head, helping to prevent concussions.

MMA gloves also allow students to use their hands for throws, takedowns and ground grappling if necessary. We do, however, try to encourage students to use ground grappling skills only as a means of getting back to their feet. Our dojo uses sparring as one way of helping develop self-defense skills and the ground is a bad place to be on the street, as per my article Why Grappling is More Effective in the Ring than in Reality.

While I think it's better to use the 16-oz boxing gloves at first to help students get used to sparring, MMA gloves are better for developing a wider range of skills and are excellent for use with more advanced students. We use the Primetime Level 4 gloves pictured in the above photo. These are the best gloves I've found out there as they have an ideal amount protective padding in the knuckles without being too bulky.

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MARKS said...

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