Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Jiu-jitsu in High Heels and a Skirt

Ok. This video really impresses me. Not only was this woman (Miss May Whitley) a pioneer in that she was learning a martial art in the 30s, she also performs this self-defense technique demonstration wearing high heels and a skirt.

I, who only wears the high-heeled shoes/ skirt combo maybe twice a year, am particularly impressed that this woman can do these manoeuvres with those handicaps. She must have excellent balance and technique to pull it off. Not that I’m about to make it our new official training uniform or anything. :P

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Anonymous said...

Very impressive indeed, and with such lady-like charm lets not forget that. While the standard uniform is the gi (for reasons of ease, safety and hygiene) once in a while it's good to train in street clothing (preferably outside the dojo) to become aware of the limitations streetwear poses (kicking in jeans with heavy boots is not the same as barefooted in gi-pants).